Christmas in London

Well Thanksgiving came and went and it was the first time we’ve been away from our families for it.  However, it’s been great fun to see Black Friday become a thing here (much to the dismay of many a citizen here!).  And Christmas is on the horizon!

London certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to getting in the holiday spirit. While we’re not seasoned vets (we just got here!), we’re doing our best to get the most out of Christmas in London and have just started getting out to see it all.


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Carnaby Street is a pedestrian street full of shops and restaurants. It’s a bit imilar in feel to Covent Garden, but containing more fashion shops. I would recommend making the trek from Covent Garden to Carnaby and cross both of these areas off of your list and grab some great photos of the holiday decorations.

Carnaby Christmas

Carnaby decorated for Christmas

Covent Garden

One of London’s most popular tourist destinations for shopping, street acts, and dining gets in to the holiday spirit by decorating the area with lights and providing a fun atmosphere for all ages. You’ll find mulled wine vendors all along the former fruit and vegetable market. A good warm-up for the heavy holiday overload to come.

Must Do: Stop by Laduree for macaroons.

Reindeer in Covent Garden

Reindeer in Covent Garden

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a massive Christmas market in Hyde Park that is well worth your visit if you are in London around the holidays and goes until the 4th of January so even if you’re in the area after the New Year, you have time to get there. You’ll find dozens of carnival games and rides, a plethora of small shops offering everything from marzipan to even a woodworker carving sculptures out of wood. Don’t forget to check out the Bavarian Village for a beer hall tent with live music and all kinds of German sausage options. You can easily kill a day here.

Beer Hall in Winter Wonderland

Beer Hall in Winter Wonderland


Consider Winterville, Winter Wonderland’s younger more alternative brother. Located in East London, in Victoria Park, Winterville is a lot smaller in scale than Winter Wonderland, but what it lacks on size, it makes up for in variety of food, drink and entertainment. You’ll find tents selling crab sandwiches, holiday themed pizza slices and local beers on tap. As far as the entertainment, there is a disco roller rink, alt-crafts for sale, and even a gravity-defying guy on a motorcycle in a dome thing.

Bar Humbug in Winterville

Bar Humbug in Winterville

Whether you want to go shopping on Oxford Street or soak in a really great Christmas market, your bases are covered in London.  Personally, I think Winter Wonderland is the place you want to go if you are going to visit only one.  Winterville in Victoria Park is great, but it’s a lot more focused on the extra entertainment and is a lot smaller in scale.

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